Thank you for your interest in TheTradingKeeper.

We have prepared an affiliate system for those people who want to collaborate with us and make a profit on all the software they sell through their unique affiliate link.

We have developed a RevenueShare Lifetime system so that you can earn lifetime commissions on all your sales. We are sharing 30% of all your sales and permanently. In other words, if a user buys a product from TheTradingKeeper, you as an affiliate will generate 30% revenue each time they renew their membership.

In TheTradingKeeper we are a group of engineers and expert traders who always seek to improve and achieve the best tools in the market to do trading with crypto currencies. That's why you will always have high sales conversion and happy customers.

We know that finding expert collaborators is important to keep growing, that's why we are always preparing new material for our affiliates.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, send us an email to: with the subject "Affiliate Information" or contact us through the web site form with the same subject.

One of our advisors will contact you to see if you meet the affiliate profile we are looking for and help you through the process.